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Welcome to Throne of Grace Family Church: Experience the Power of God’s Presence

At Throne of Grace Family Church, located at 1408 55th Ave. West Bradenton, Florida 34207, we’re excited to meet you and help you feel the peace and certainty in life that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our services consist of songs, prayers, and sermons. We connect people with God, through authentic relationships to serve the community. Let Throne of God Family Church help you unpack truths about God and your purpose. Whatever your life is missing, God can help you find it. 

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At Throne of Grace Family Church, we are committed to fighting poverty and making a positive impact in our community. We believe in extending a helping hand to those in need, and we offer various outreach opportunities to address the challenges faced by individuals and families. By joining our efforts, you can make a significant difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

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FRIDAY NIGHTS 6 PM Ice-Cream Social & 6:15 PM Celebrate Recovery.

QUARTERLY 8 AM to 9:15 AM Men’s Prayer Breakfast. Join us for fellowship, worship, food & prayer in the sanctuary.

Upcoming Events

  • NEW YEAR’S EVE SERVICE – Sunday, December 31st
  • NEW YEAR’S BLESSINGS SERVICE – Sunday, January 7th

Not only a great church but also family!

“The word is not only preached but also taught. I’ve grown so much in my faith and understanding of God’s word it’s hard to believe I’ve been in church so many years. Thank you, Pastor, for your vision and how you care for us.” – Louis Milton

We’re here to help!

“The throne of grace family church is a great church. They work miracles with the help of many and with guidance from the lord.”

Austin Dunn

Completely turned my life around!

“I’ll never forget this church for what it does and what it stands for. The Throne of God Family Church has completely turned my life around. I will serve this church for as long as they will accept me.” – Bob Morgan

Intergenerational Worship and Children’s Church: Nurturing Faith for All Ages

On the first Sundays of every month, children have the exciting opportunity to actively participate in the entire church service alongside adults. They join the congregation in the Sanctuary, creating a sense of unity and fostering a multi-generational worship experience.

2nd to 4th Sundays: Children’s Church in the Fellowship Hall following Worship. During the second to fourth Sundays of the month, after the main worship service, we offer Children’s Church in the Fellowship Hall. This dedicated space provides an engaging environment where children can learn and grow in their faith through age-appropriate teachings, activities, and interactions with their peers.

By providing both opportunities, we aim to ensure that children experience the richness of the broader church community during the first Sundays while also catering to their specific needs for spiritual development and fellowship on the following Sundays.

Join Our Music Worship Team Bring God Glory

The Music Worship Team meets every Tuesday night for rehearsals as we prepare to lead in worship.

We offer a diverse blend of modern worship and classic hymns, ranging from timeless pieces like “Amazing Grace” to uplifting anthems like “How Great Is Our God.”

We are constantly seeking individuals who are passionate about serving with us, using their unique talents to bring glory to God. Whether you’re a skilled musician, vocalist, or have any other special talent, we welcome you to join us on this incredible journey of worship.

Come be a part of our vibrant Worship Team, where we strive to create an atmosphere that exalts God’s name and touches the hearts of all who gather. Let’s unite in our shared love for music and devotion to God as we serve together, using our gifts to glorify Him.

We are a Church that reaches out to all God’s people, including the homeless, addicted and broken.

Pastor Stanley Wooten
Sunday Morning Homeless Outreach: Inviting and Nourishing the Homeless Community

Join us on Sunday mornings as our dedicated Street Outreach team hits the streets, extending invitations to the homeless community to join us for church. In addition to a warm welcome, we also provide a complimentary lunch for those who attend. Our mission is to reach out to the homeless, offering a helping hand, a sense of community, and a nourishing meal. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of those in need, sharing the love of Christ through our actions and providing a space where they can find solace, support, and spiritual upliftment.

Help Support Our Outreach Efforts. Donate Today!

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